Action Group Response Document

On 10 November, the Sands End Community Centre Action Group (SECCAG) delivered its Response to the Council's Consultation Document (Consultation 12.10.10).  Both (PDF) documents are hosted on MediaFire.Com and are available for download here:

1.  Council's Document

2.  The Action Group's Response Document

Both documents should be read side by side, as the numbered sections in the Response Document refer precisely to the corresponding numbered sections in the LBH&F document.


And while we're on the subject of important documents, this one may be of added interest.  We have received much welcome support from The Fulham Society, who describes itself thus:

"The aim of the Society is to keep Fulham as an agreeable place in which to live and work for all present and future residents and to improve its amenities. The Society is non-political, a registered charity and affiliated to the Civic Trust.  To promote Fulham's future, the Society monitors all large-scale development proposals and, where necessary, campaigns for alteration. The Council Planning Department consults with the Society on matters relating to buildings, open spaces and the river frontage."

You can read more about the Society here:

In September 2010, the Society published a document which contained its own assessment of the value of Sands End Community Centre and presented its own arguments for maintaining it.  We have quoted this passage many times in our own Response, both directly and indirectly, but feel that it should be made available more widely.  This document appears below.  

SECCAG and all the people of Sands End wish to thank the Society for their invaluable and continuing support.