Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thoughts On The Library

We are surprised to see Sands End still listed, on the LBHF site, among the Borough's libraries.  This is obviously an oversight on the part of the Council so, before they wake up - and remove it - we thought it would be a good idea to take a snapshot.  For old time's sake.

Just in case anyone needs reminding, these are the services currently on offer:

All this is about to go.

Of course many of the Library's services do not appear on that list; so let's add a few.

•  A refuge for the weak, the elderly and infirm.
•  Daily newspapers for those who cannot afford them.
•  A quiet space for intelligent children anxious to catch up on their homework.
•  Access to the internet for those who do not have a computer at home.

This Library may well be, as the Council idiotically points out, "The least popular in the Borough".  However it is definitely the most popular library in Sands End.  When it goes, the nearest place of refuge for the weak, the elderly and infirm; the nearest place where newspapers will be available for those who cannot afford them; the nearest place where intelligent children can catch up on their homework and where the internet can be accessed by those without computers will be... well, nobody knows.

Selling the Sands End Centre - and with it the Library -  is not "Putting Resident First".  These recent Council decisions are the product of selfish, power-crazed autocrats whose motto is, "Putting My Career First".  We stupidly voted them in but will surely, absolutely and at the very first opportunity vote them out.  They think we won't remember what they have done when it comes round again to the ballot box - but they have miscalculated even this.  If this blog serves no other purpose it will at least keep reminding us of the travesty they have bestowed upon the ordinary residents: the People they were elected to serve.  

Their arrogant misuse of power will never be forgiven and will certainly never be forgotten.


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